Spring Break House Party 3 Realitykings

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Spring Break House Party 3

Ashly Anderson

At a Reality Kings party, everywhere you look there’s a sexy sight to see. We have topless girls hula hooping, we got the juiciest asses playing beer pong, we got fully nude girls twerking in a hot tub, we got lesbians kissing in the pool, we got… Well, you get the idea.

In this finale to our spring break house party, we have our boy Ricky provide some POV footage as he immerses viewers into a more personal look into the party lifestyle.

Between motorboating asses and squeezing random porn star tits, Ricky convinces Ashly Anderson to break out of her shell.

She’s a bit more reserved than the other partygoers, and confesses that she’s a bit hesitant and nervous – everyone else is comfortable being naked in public, but she just isn’t about that!

Well, maybe she just needs a little persuasion and reassurance? We all know from her scenes that she’s a freak in private, what’s the harm in showing it off in front of fellow porn stars and lucky civilians on spring break?

When Ricky lends her a hand, she opens up and demands to suck cock in the corner of the pool to the cheering audience! I guess she’s not that shy after all…

Ashly just needed someone else to make the first move! Oh. And she swallows. Spring break really does bring out the best in people, doesn’t it? Come join our hedonist celebrations!

Spring Break House Party 3 Realitykings

Ashly Anderson was getting ready to go home after a long and tedious day at work. She took a quick glance at her wrist watch, “Gosh! It’s late. I better go home now.”

She hummed getting up and looking in the direction of her assistant Agnes Harper, who was busy printing out some documents, like she needed her approval to go home. Spring Break House Party 3 Realitykings.

Agnes ignores her but looks up from what she was doing and nods. Ashly hurriedly prepares her bag, making sure she forgets nothing. When it is done, she sits down for a minute and checks her appointment book.

She scrolls through the list of appointments she has had for the day and nods as she reads each name out in her mind. It impresses her that out of 15 appointments, only one person has not made it and she wonders why.

“Agnes, Mr. Palmer‘s appointment is at 17: 00hrs. It’s way past that time now and he hasn’t shown up. Any reason why?” she asks Agnes. Spring Break House Party 3 Realitykings.

“No idea, in fact I called to remind him but he doesn’t return my calls.” replies Agnes.

“Okay that settles it. I’m shifting his appointment.” Ashly marks his name with the words, ‘appointment shifted.’ “I’m through for the day. “She says as she closes the book. Spring Break House Party 3 Realitykings.

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