A Dirty Cinderella Story 1: The Evil Step Sisters

A Dirty Cinderella Story 1: The Evil Step Sisters – Girlsway

AJ ApplegateGeorgia JonesKatrina Jade

TitleA Dirty Cinderella Story 1: The Evil Step Sisters
DescriptionCinderella AJ Applegate lucked out when her evil stepmother Jelena Jensen agreed to raise her after her father died. Jelena became wickedly famous for her movie roles, but her two other step daughters Georgia Jones and Katrina Jade are just plain wicked.

Besides playing video games and spending their dead fathers' money, the only thing those mean girls care about is making AJ's life miserable. They love to slash AJ's dreams of being an actress like their step mother. They also love eating pussy.

When Jelena goes down for a nap, the evil stepsisters gang up on AJ. If doormat AJ wants to earn her place in the family, she had better do her chores. Katrina adds an item to her list of obligations. She wants AJ to lick the cum right out of her.

Georgia tells Katrina to take AJ downstairs so their mother doesn't wake up and bust them, but Katrina convinces Georgia to fuck AJ together. They can make it a contest of who cums more often, and they can play video games at the same time.

When Katrina takes off her bottoms, AJ dutifully eats her out. After Katrina cums, AJ licks Georgia's pussy, then goes back and forth between the lesbian step sisters' legs. Georgia tribs AJ's pussy while she sucks the cum out of Katrina, then AJ flips around to service Georgia while being tribbed by Katrina. AJ performs every command with her hot, wet mouth on their pussies.

After giving them so many orgasms, the wicked step sisters lighten up a bit on AJ. Georgia holds AJ's hair back when she makes Katrina cum. Then Katrina rims AJ's asshole while AJ licks Georgia. AJ's sweet little pussy is throbbing on the edge of orgasm, but they won't let her cum unless she begs for it!
PornStarskatrina-jade, Georgia Jones & AJ Applegate

OrgasmNaut estrena categoria “Girlsway” y con ella una asombrosa escena lesbica “A dirty cinderella Story 1: The evil step Sisters” Con un repertorio de chicas completamente fabulosas!

The women of this scene are absolutely gorgeous. Seeing Katrina and Georgia on that couch was so sexy. Just so damn sexy.

Jelena is lovely as always and you know I always love AJ on Girlsway and damn AJ looks so damn fine in them leggings. The storyline is solid. I like how AJ’s origins were made and good Lord, Jelena was vicious (but oh so damn hot)! The stepsisters really played their roles well here too. Damn, you feel bad for AJ in this role. The script itself is great.

But this is where I’m gonna get a shit load of thumbs down. Disagree if you want. Its your right and I hate to disappoint any of the stars here because I always love them on Girlsway or anywhere they do g/g work.

I understand that this was going to be tailored to be a domination scene and it does fit the story. Yet, this is also still a lesbian erotica site and that was missing for me. Will always be that way and there was two major things I simply won’t agree with and one of them is a scene breaker for me.

A Dirty Cinderella Story 1: The Evil Step Sisters – Free

Georgia and Katrina never got at each other. It was always pass along AJ and like she was a buffer and it made it seem like Georgia and Katrina were actually related in the scene.

When Katrina grabbed Georgia’s pussy and Georgia said she never returned the favor, I didn’t like the direction of the scene there because when the sex unfolded, either they were going to have to deviate from the script or keep Georgia and Katrina apart.

Hell, I was hoping like crazy that Georgia and Katrina would go to town on each other along with AJ. The storyline could have kept AJ as the subordinate and the two make AJ the giver while they got each other off.

That didn’t happen. That was very disappointing and it’s an opportunity wasted.

A Dirty Cinderella Story 1: The Evil Step Sisters – Online

The second major problem for me is that there was only one kiss shared between Georgia and AJ and one kiss between AJ and Katrina. That occured an hour in the scene.

Domination scene or not, a scene breaker for me will always be a lesbian scene with no kissing. It’s the most frustrating thing that I can see in any lesbian scene.

Just as I said in the Jenna Ross/Kate England scene, a lesbian scene without kissing just will never work for me.

At the very least it came out in the end but I couldn’t enjoy any of it. Goddamn, even Kink has a lot more kissing in their scenes and that is pure domination.

This scene had good rimming, fantastic face riding and tribbing but I can’t remember Katrina’s tits get licked. I don’t remember Georgia’s body get licked by AJ.

Even the foot portion was quite short. It was just domination of AJ. It fits the story but it doesn’t fit what I like in Girlsway scenes. What concerns me is that I’m gonna expect this type of setup in Part 2 and that’s gonna be a cruel teaser of erotica. Part 3 though I know I’m gonna love.

A Dirty Cinderella Story 1: The Evil Step Sisters –  Free

If there was a way to keep this story intact, have Georgia and Katrina have their way with each other while making AJ as a submissive, Jelena giving good affection to AJ but then taking it away and Pt 3 would have sealed it all, I would have loved every bit of this miniseries like I wanted to.

I really did. These models are amazing and AJ and Georgia have been always been admired by me all these years.

The acting, the beauty of the models and the sex itself was good to watch but I can’t give it an enthusiastic review like I have for other scenes. I can’t give it a thumbs down because of the overall great work but I left this scene disappointed and I wanted to love this scene so badly.

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