Butt Chugging: Alcohol enema

The insertion of fluids through the rectum is nothing new, much less. Mayan priests, to mention one example, used potent concoctions of alcohol, tobacco, and hallucinogens for religious purposes. They even had the kindness to document perfectly the anal rite in beautiful stone reliefs that lasted until our days. Now this curious tradition of the Mayan civilization has an extraordinary parallelism with other current ceremonies. Like Butt Chugging or drinking alcohol through the ass. The idea is to increase the effect of alcohol as well as the speed with which one is drugged. Everything to achieve a legendary junkie without the cumbersome to vomit.

Just as the Mayas documented it by means of glyphic writing, it has been two beautiful damsels who have done the same by publishing a video on Liveleak. Without further delay, let’s turn to Butt Chugging.


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