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20 Comic Superheroes with the Biggest Penises

Have you ever wondered who of the superheroes has the biggest penis?

Do not ask anything else, the people of vPorn gathered an infographic that reveals the 20 superheroes with the biggest penises. Can you guess who is the biggest of them all? Are they really too low? Or are they average? Let’s bother about guessing no more and check out the comic book heroes with the bigger phalluses. I tell you one thing, the first four are all above 30 inches. One even goes beyond 50 inches. That’s huge. I think a lot of you are already guessing who it might be. Maybe you’re guessing.

To reveal the biggest mystery that you have all been secretly asking yourself, scroll down and take a look at which superhero has the biggest penis. Is it Batman? Hulk? Maybe Thor?

Are you surprised who the winner is? Was not it obvious all the time? To be honest, I knew it would be Hulk. Or no Hulk then Thor sure. As it turns out, both scored the first positions, Thor with a penis of 47 inches long and Hulk with a huge 51-inch dong. I’m not sure what the vagina can fit such a big beast, but I’m sure Lisa Ann would be happy to give it a go with her experienced pink muffin.

However, I’m sure some of you thought the winner would be a completely different character. What to say, the research has been done, and everything is presented in this super fun infographics. They even discovered that the favorite pornographic stars of superheroes are! Superman would do everything possible to crush Megan Rain, while Iron Man would enjoy spending intimate moments with the Spanish Hermosa, Amarna Miller. Well guys, you are the heroes, do your thing and seduce the adult actresses!

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